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The University of Central Oklahoma’s Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) reaches beyond the walls of our campus and lives of our students.

  • STLR students graduate and work with metropolitan area employers and beyond;
  • Our faculty and staff present STLR’s setup and its positive impacts on student success and employability at conferences, through webinars, during site visits, and at our annual STLR Institute, as a pre-session to our Transformative Learning Conference; and,
  • STLR has been adopted and adapted by other institutions across the United States and internationally.

STLR Snapshot Overview

STLR Extended Explanation

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STLR Global Map

Explore STLR-izing institutions worldwide on Google Earth.

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STLR Institute

Join us for an annual, one-day workshop to explore how to adopt STLR at your institution.

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STLR Impacts

View STLR analytics, publications and presentations.

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Career Development Center

Find information for employers.