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Some occupations and professions require licensure by a state board or agency before employment.  Licensure requirements vary between states and not all educational programs will qualify a student to be licensed in every state.  

View the report to see detailed information about UCO's degrees that could lead to professional licensure. 

Each degree will indicate by state whether, to the best of UCO’s knowledge, the degree meets state educational requirements and will allow a student to stand for licensure in a specific state.  This list may serve as a general guide, but a student intending to apply for licensure in a state should consult that state’s rules and regulations to ensure UCO’s degree will fit their needs.  Additionally, although UCO’s degrees are designed to meet the educational requirements for licensure each state may have additional requirements that a student will be required to meet.

It is a student’s responsibility to determine whether the degree they select will fit their future requirements, including whether the degree will allow that student to apply for licensure.

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