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Oklahoma High School Football State Championship Games:
UCO welcomes Oklahoma high school football state championship teams and fans to our campus for the 2022 OSSAA high school football championship games, Dec. 1-10. Visit the Championship Central website for more info.

I have my idea and have identified a grant opportunity.  What do I do next?

Please contact your designated grant facilitator, liaison, or ORSP grant writer. Once a grant opportunity has been identified, the PI/PD will need to provide the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs with the electronic Intent to Submit worksheet. The worksheet needs to be submitted electronically a minimum of 4 to 5 weeks prior to the submission deadline. Our office will share the Intent to Submit with the Office of Grants & Contracts and will communicate with the grant facilitator or liaison to ensure all entities are aware of the upcoming submission. The worksheet is essential to ensure the PI/PD receives assistance throughout the grants process.

The worksheet must be signed by the PI/PD, Department Chair/Supervisor, Dean/Director, and Vice President if PI/PD is not within Academic Affairs.

What steps do I follow for routing my proposal?

One month prior to the deadline, PI/PD completes and routes Intent to Submit Worksheet.

Once the proposal is close to being finalized, PI/PD should initiate the External Grant Proposal Routing Form on Cayuse Proposals. The process for approval of a proposal can take up to ten days once it reaches the ORSP office.

  1. The PI/PD should ensure that External Grant Proposal Routing has been initiated and at ORSP at least 10 working days before the submission using Cayuse Proposals. Make sure you allow enough time for the Chair and Dean to sign before it gets to ORSP.
  2. For External Grant Proposal Routing, the PI/PD will need to complete the Summary page and attach the abstract (pdf), the proposed budget (Excel doc), and budget justification (Word doc) in the Supporting Documents page in Cayuse Proposals.
  3. External Routing requires approvals (checked boxes in Cayuse Proposals) from the Department Chair/Supervisor, Dean of College/Director and V.P. of Division if the PI/PD is not within Academic Affairs.
  4. ORSP will forward to the Office of Grants and Contracts (OG&C) to review and approve the budget. OG&C will contact the PI/PD to request changes needed to budget.
  5. If the project will require IT support or use of the UCO server, ORSP will forward it to V.P. for Information Technology. This can add two (2) days to the approval process.
  6. If the project will require matching funds from the UCO Foundation, ORSP will forward it to the V.P. for Development (allow 2 extra days to approval process).
  7. ORSP will review the proposal for IRB and IACUC complianceapprove and forward to the Provost and the V.P. of Academic Affairs.
  8. The Provost and the V.P. of Academic Affairs will review, approve and return the proposal to ORSP.
  9. ORSP will inform the PI/PD regarding any issues relating to the proposal. If no issues are identified, ORSP will inform PI/PD that proposal is ready to submit. ORSP will work with the PI/PD to submit the grant proposal to the funding agency. The ORSP serves as the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) for the institution and makes all submissions.
  10.  ORSP works with the PI/PD to submit grant proposal to funding agency. The ORSP serves as the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) for the institution and makes all submissions.

What do I do if my proposal is funded?

Please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs ( and provide us with a copy of the award letter. We will inform the Office of Grants and Contracts so that they can begin setting up the grant account.

What do I do if my proposal is not funded?

Please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs ( and provide us with the notification letter. Our office recommends that the PI/PD solicit the reviewer comments from the agency. The comments can be incorporated into the proposal and be resubmitted to the agency at the upcoming deadline. If the PI/PD does not want to resubmit to the agency, a new funding opportunity can be identified at that point.

Our office encourages resubmitting the proposal with the additions based on the reviewers comments as these will make the proposal more competitive. Securing a grant is a competitive process and it might take a few submissions to secure one.