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Important Update:

Through Jan. 28, the university is operating at Level 2. For classes, this means faculty will have the discretion to choose a fully remote, hybrid, extended classroom or fully in-person format. Masks will be mandatory for in-person classes.

Visit the COVID-19 website to report a positive test, symptoms or exposure, for vaccine and testing information and for other COVID-19 resources.

Creation of the UCO Emeritus Faculty Research Program 

UCO’s Office of Academic Affairs has announced the creation of the UCO Emeritus Faculty Research Program. Introduction of the new Research Program has been established to authorize and encourage Emeritus Faculty to undertake faculty research and grant writing activities and to help support Transformative Learning efforts at UCO. Both retired faculty and those planning retirement are now able to participate in this important new program.

UCO Emeritus Faculty Research Program Policy Statement

It is in the best interests of UCO and the broader academic and scholarly community that UCO and its Emeritus faculty benefit from a UCO research program that facilitates research initiatives and interactions between emeritus faculty, existing faculty, and students. Therefore, emeritus faculty members are encouraged to engage in research activities that may assist faculty and students with research goals at the department, college or university levels.

The goal and benefits of emeritus faculty involvement in faculty research and/or grant writing is to support Transformative Learning efforts at UCO and broaden the impact of their scholarly research activities and, as mutually desired, to participate in a constructive mentoring dialogue with students.

UCO’s sponsorship of research and grant writing activities involving emeritus faculty should be arranged to have minimal expense for the university and should be consistent with Transformative Learning efforts and the prioritization of student curriculum and program needs. Emeritus faculty research not involving current UCO faculty and/or students will not be approved. Therefore, before initiating any research project or development of a grant proposal that might be associated with UCO, contact the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs.

Any policies and costs warranted for emeritus faculty involvement in research or grant writing should be coordinated and consistent with the individual emeritus faculty requests and approved through the UCO Office of Research & Sponsored Programs and the respective dean, and/or department chair/school director.