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Important Update:

Through Jan. 28, the university is operating at Level 2. For classes, this means faculty will have the discretion to choose a fully remote, hybrid, extended classroom or fully in-person format. Masks will be mandatory for in-person classes.

Visit the COVID-19 website to report a positive test, symptoms or exposure, for vaccine and testing information and for other COVID-19 resources.

The Office of Research Integrity and Compliance at UCO monitors, performs and retains records related to Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). Currently our program is specifically related to federal research projects; for more info regarding the policy that supports the NSF RCR training, download the NSF Responsible Conduct of Research (DOC). UCO is an institution dedicated to truth in pursuit of knowledge through research activities and to the transmission of knowledge through teaching.

Program Scope

To sustain the core values of the School and work towards preventing research misconduct and lapses in research integrity, the University of Central Oklahoma has established a Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Program. This program is designed to educate all faculty, students, and staff engaged in research at UCO on topics related to research integrity.  These topics include:

  • Research Misconduct
  • Responsible Authorship
  • Responsible Peer Review
  • Data Acquisition and Management
  • Mentoring
  • Collaborative Research
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Responsible Human Subjects and Animal Subjects Research
  • The Scientist as a Responsible Member of Society

Program Modules

In practice, the RCR Program takes a multifaceted educational approach, combining online coursework with a sixteen hour didactic classroom experience.  This approach ensures that, as required by federal guidelines, training in the responsible conduct of research is received in various formats and settings from a number of different sources.

The RCR Program consists of:

  1. The Responsible Conduct of Research Classroom Experience: Course instruction is requested to the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance. Once approved and scheduled the office will reach out to the list of individuals in need of the training. The training is typically broken into two seven hour sessions over the course of two days (but could be four three and a half hour sessions over the course of four days), with homework in between meetings. The education plan was developed at the University of Oklahoma.
  2. The Responsible Conduct of Research (CITI) Online Course: Registration is made available following the 16 hour classroom instruction. The online course, developed by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), is comprised of 7 sections. Completion of all sections is required.

Training Requirements

Necessary individuals that need to complete this research program must complete the classroom training once and complete the CITI RCR training component every four (4) years to remain in compliance with the program.