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Oklahoma High School Football State Championship Games:
UCO welcomes Oklahoma high school football state championship teams and fans to our campus for the 2022 OSSAA high school football championship games, Dec. 1-10. Visit the Championship Central website for more info.

The Department of Health and Human Services established local control by mandating an Institutional Review Board (IRB) for any institution that is engaged in research involving human subjects. The role of an IRB is oversight and implementation of federal regulations to insure that research is conducted according to the ethical principles set forth in the Belmont Report (see below). In addition, an IRB provides a forum where the local research and non-research community can provide input regarding local values, which helps to preserve the public trust in research.

UCO Institutional Review Board

The UCO IRB reviews all research involving human subjects conducted at or sponsored by the University of Central Oklahoma, including research activities (a) by any UCO faculty, staff, and students, (b) performed in UCO facilities, or (c) otherwise supported directly or indirectly by University resources or facilities which are under the control of UCO officials, except for UCO Institutional Research/Assessment activities.

Any activities involving information gathering from human subjects must be reviewed by the UCO-IRB. An application must be completed for all of the following:

Exempt Projects: Projects with human subjects may be exempt from IRB Board review only if they pose minimal risk to subjects and typically involve no identifying information or links to subjects. This may include existing data, publicly available data, or responses used only for evaluating the effectiveness of a program. Please note that the term "Exempt" does not mean a UCO employee or student does not have to complete and submit an IRB application; rather, "Exempt" means the IRB application will not undergo Full Board review.

Expedited Review: Projects presenting no more than minimal risk and involving behavioral or physiological measures will be reviewed by one or more IRB Board members. (See the UCO IRB Policies or DHHS regulations for a detailed list of expedited research categories.)

Full Board Review: All projects not meeting the criteria for Exempt or Expedited Review will be reviewed by the full Institutional Review Board (IRB). Applications involving research where there is more than minimal risk to subjects or involving subject populations from vulnerable groups (prisoners, minors, pregnant women and fetuses) will require full IRB review. Those applications are due 10 working days before the next scheduled IRB meeting.

IRB Manager

Human Subjects Research

UCO is committed to and guided by the ethical principles regarding research involving human subjects as set forth in the Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research, also known as the Belmont Report, prepared by the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research. UCO has pledged to abide by these principles and the resulting regulations set forth by the Department of Health and Human Services Code of Federal Regulation Title 45 Part 46.

Protecting Human Subjects in Research

All PIs and personnel working with human subjects or their identifiable data will need to obtain a certificate identifying completion of training for Protecting Human Subjects in Research. Review the steps for registering to take this training. This certification will remain valid for three consecutive years as required by the Department of Health and Human Services regulations.

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