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Engaging students in research, creative, and scholarly activities is one of the academic goals of UCO. RCSA opportunities contribute to the production of well-rounded, better-educated students who will have a greater probability of becoming productive, creative, ethical, and engaged citizens in a post-graduate environment. While UCO encourages and supports RCSA at all levels across the UCO campus, it is especially encouraging and supportive when students are involved. Students of all disciplines can engage in the benefits and excitement of student-focused RCSA. 

This grant program is open to students majoring in any discipline or field. This program offers monetary awards on a competitive basis to support student-focused transformative learning. Students who are selected will receive an award of up to $500/year to support research, creative, or scholarly activities plus a paid research assistant position, and a partial tuition fee waiver.

Why Apply for an RCSA Grant?

  1. Take your learning and skills outside the classroom to gain real-world experiences.
  2. Gain knowledge to make yourself more competitive.
  3. Money to support your research, creative and scholarly activities. 
  4. Be an academic role model and develop leadership skills.
  5. Engage in the UCO and Oklahoma community. 
  6. Work in a collaborative environment with faculty mentors and peers. 
  7. Identify your career interests.
  8. Enhance creativity, critical inquiry, and presentation skills.
  9. It's fun! 

How to Get Involved

Talk with your professors about their research interests and discuss research opportunities in your discipline and with the department chairperson to inquire about potential mentors and possible research opportunities.

Our Purpose

As defined by the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR), research is an inquiry or investigation that makes an original, intellectual, or creative contribution to the discipline. At UCO we extend this definition to include significant faculty mentoring in research, creative, and scholarly activities (RCSA) that have the potential for peer-reviewed dissemination in the form of presentations, publications, creative projects, exhibitions, or performances. 

Our Mission

To promote academic transformative learning experiences for students from all disciplines through research, creative, and scholarly activities by supporting productive, collaborative engagement with faculty.