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RCSA budget funds are released on the first day of the fall semester each year.


  • Grant purchases must go through your department administrative assistant and your college dean's office.  Your faculty mentor can help you in this process. Grant purchases are not eligible for reimbursement. 
  • Provide clarification regarding the "supplies" that you need to purchase for your project (i.e., please provide a quote for each item; you should obtain the quote from a reputable source, such as a supply company catalog or on-line catalog).
  • Provide clarification/justification regarding the "printing costs" associated with your project (i.e., a quote [cost per page] from a print shop, the number of pages you will need to print, a description of what you will be printing and why you need to print the information, etc.). Posters for Oklahoma Research Day are printed at no charge with your college dean's office.
  • Note that we are unable to purchase office supplies (reams of paper, ink cartridges) with RCSA Grant funds. If you need to print surveys, please work with your college department administrative assistants.
  • Note that we are unable to use Student RCSA grant money to purchase and install software on your personal computer. Check with your department if there is available technology for checkout for research trips.
  • We are unable to use Student RCSA grant money as an incentive to pay (in the form of a personal check, gift card, money order, etc.) individuals to participate in Student RCSA research projects. 
  • All equipment, technology, and supplies (including books) purchased with university funds remain property of the university. 


  • Provide clarification regarding your estimate for travel expenses (where and when will your conference(s) take place; provide an estimate of travel costs, including airfare, mileage, registration costs, etc.). You might find the UCO Travel Services website to be useful in gathering this information.
  • Note that we are not able to use Student RCSA grant money to cover transportation costs to/from Oklahoma Research Day. The Office of High Impact-Practices will provide transportation for the event for all students (i.e., we plan to charter several buses for Oklahoma Research Day).
  • Note that we are not able to use Student RCSA grant money to reimburse your travel to/from the UCO campus.
  • Note if you include mileage in your proposed budget, you must use federal/state mileage rates (for current mileage rates, see the UCO Travel Services website.
  • Funds cannot be used to present work at a conference before the RCSA funded project is complete. 
  • Note that we are unable to use Student RCSA grant money to pay any course fees or tuition related to study tours. Funds are available for independent research if you are staying abroad before or after the study abroad class.