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Have you ever asked a question that didn't have an answer? Have you ever thought there should be a better product or process for things around you?

Undergraduate research and creative activities allow students to take skills they have learned in the classroom and apply them to hands-on projects, some developed by the students themselves to answer questions and problems in the world around them. This research enhances critical thinking skills, sharpening their ability to analyze, interpret, and synthesize information. In this work, undergraduates begin their journeys as scholars in memorable and life-changing moments that help their experience in the job market and as they progress through their education.

Research is not for just the sciences. Contrary to popular belief, undergraduate research can be done in any area and discipline. By taking on those unanswered questions, you gain many benefits including:

  • A deeper understanding of your field of study and potential career paths;
  • Enhanced self-confidence and creativity;
  • Skills that help your graduate and professional education; and,
  • Growth in leadership, communication and research skills.

We want you to have these experiences, find these answers, and better your communities. We have funds available to research here, abroad and more funding opportunities.