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“Undergraduate research allows students to develop professionally and personally. Research experiences give students an opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of research techniques and processes, apply classroom learning in real-world contexts, explore academic literature, and form meaningful relationships with faculty members and professional researchers.” (Padmaja A., et al (2015))

The success of UCO student research, creative, and scholarly activity is not possible without the support and mentorship of faculty and staff.  The following are just a handful of what exists for mentor support and keep in mind, there is no one set of rules for mentorship. If you are new to mentoring, or a seasoned mentor, we hope these sources help you.  OHIP values and appreciates the time and dedication of all faculty and staff mentors here at UCO.

Why Mentor?

Benefits for Students

  •   Fosters academic, personal, and professional development that leads to success in student degree programs and in the workforce.
  •   Learns to work in a collaborative environment and develops problem solving and critical thinking skills as well as growth in confidence.

Benefits for Faculty

  • Training the next generation of scholars and problem solvers.
  • Work on projects can lead to national grant funding.
  • Can keep your skills fresh and buffer from stagnation.
  • Generate meaningful scholarship