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"I got involved with undergraduate research because I want more students to learn about research opportunities. Personally, I got involved because I was lucky enough to find a mentor professor who continually pushed me to do better.  I want other undergraduate students to get the same experience and give them a boost in their academic career."  - Beth Anderson, junior, College of Fine Arts and Design. 

Hello Bronchos!

We welcome you to the world of research, creative and scholarly activity at UCO! Undergraduate research is defined broadly as an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original or creative contribution to the discipline. Students in all disciplines engage in faculty-mentored research, scholarly activities at UCO. Engaging in undergraduate research is a great way to ensure that you get the most out of your degree and to ensure success at UCO and beyond.

Research is not only for the sciences. Contrary to popular belief, undergraduate research can be done in any area and discipline. By taking on those unanswered questions, you gain many benefits including:

  • A chance to work on projects with faculty and other students;
  • Deeper engagement with your field of study while gaining skills for your career;
  • Enhanced self-confidence and creativity;
  • Opportunities to present your research at conferences;
  • Experiences that will help your graduate and professional education; and,
  • Growth in leadership, communication and research skills.

Students who engage in undergraduate research at UCO have access to a network of peers and mentors.  The Office of High Impact Practices team believes in the power of exploring ideas outside of the classroom. Engaging in research is one of the best ways to get the most out of your degree and prepare for your future!

 Start here.  Start today.

Grants and Money

Get paid to do research. Funds are available for all students in all majors. 

Presenting Your Research

Resources to publish and present your work.


Oklahoma Research Day, NCUR, and more state and national conferences to attend. Travel funding available.