Faculty Handbook

The UCO Faculty Handbook has been prepared by the Office of Academic Affairs to provide a reference for all faculty members.  It contains information, policies, and procedures relevant to the academic functions of the university.  The Academic Policy Manual serves as an additional resource for the faculty, university administration, and staff and complements the information in the Faculty Handbook.

NOTE: Policies and procedures by federal law, state statute, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and the Regional University System of Oklahoma (RUSO), relevant to the operation of this university, are italicized, as shown in this note.  They are hereby distinguished from policies and procedures established by the University and repeated verbatim. In case of a discrepancy between RUSO and UCO policies, RUSO policies will supercede UCO policies.

Changes in the Faculty Handbook will become effective at the beginning of each new academic year, unless put into effect immediately by written authorization from the president.  The Faculty Handbook may be modified, initiated, revoked, or amended only in writing by authorization of the president.  Substantive changes to the handbook will require written promulgation.

The Office of Academic Affairs will provide an annual review of the handbook and post the current version on the AA website before the beginning of the fall semester each year.  New faculty members will be provided with the URL for the document.

Academic deans will receive a printed copy.

This edition of the UCO Faculty Handbook supersedes all previous handbooks.

Effective: August, 2015

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2015-2016 UCO Faculty Handbook

Substantive Changes to 2015-2016 Faculty Handbook

Statements and Table of Contents - PDF

Chapter 1 - University History, Organization, and Governance - PDF

Chapter 2 - Faculty Policies and Procedures - PDF

Chapter 3 - Classroom Policies and Procedures - PDF

Chapter 4 - Employee Benefits, Procedures, and Selected Employee Policies - PDF

Chapter 5 - References

Appendix A - Administration Information

Appendix B - Constitution, Bylaws, and Operating Code of the Faculty Senate

Appendix C - Recruitment and Selection Procedures for Full-time Faculty

Appendix D - Requirements, Recruitment, and Selection Procedures for Adjunct Faculty

Appendix E -  Tenure and Promotion (Forms used within T&P can be found here)

Appendix F - Promotion Policy for Academic Personnel having Administrative Duties

Appendix G - Faculty Grievance Board

Appendix H - University Policy on Faculty Conduct

Appendix I - Equal Opportunity Policy: Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment as Defined, Including Sexual Harassment

Appendix J - Intellectual Property Policy

Appendix K - Students Affected by Military Call-Up/Mobilization

Appendix L - Sabbatical Leave

Appendix M - Revising the Faculty Handbook

Appendix N - Faculty Merit-Credit Program

Appendix O - Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

Appendix P - Emeritus Faculty Association

Appendix Q - Policy for Use of Copyrighted Materials

Appendix R - Faculty Exchange Guidelines