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As an education professional, your role is complex, challenging and always changing. You provide students and faculty needed direction, a compass guiding them to new concepts and solutions each day.

The Educators' Leadership Academy (ELA) is that compass for educators, offering education professionals a new direction and a different perspective through leadership development.

Through our unique approach and expert faculty, our alumni tell us they leave their academies with renewed energy, fresh ideas and re-centered purpose. You'll find first-hand testimonials of their experience on this website.

ELA customizes each academy for the specialized needs of education professionals. We currently offer Academies for K-12, career-tech and higher education administrators, Higher Ed Department Chairs,  and Administrative Support Professionals.

Contact us today to find out how we can develop the leader in you!

ELA History and Founding

ELA Programs

The ELA offers an ever-expanding selection of customized academies for education professionals! Explore our current offerings and determine which Academy best suits your role. If you have questions about which Academy is right for you, please contact us at 405-974-5561.

Meet Our Founder, Charlie Hollar

Prior to his passing in 2011, Charlie Hollar was the compass directing many innovative development opportunities for educators throughout Oklahoma. Charlie's first initiative was Great Expectations (GE), a yearlong training experience for teachers around the state founded in 1990. To date, thousands of teachers have been exposed to the positive philosophy of Great Expectations, promoting the premise that education is a two-way street with respect and optimism as the centerpiece. In turn, those teachers have taken those concepts back to the classroom, allowing GE to impact more than 200,000 students throughout the state.

In 1994, and with the help of Dr. Leo Presley, Charlie founded the Principals' Academy. The duo's intended to provide principals with development opportunities comparable to what a mid-management level type professional in a progressive corporation could expect, placing emphasis on team building and current leadership principles.

A few years later, again in collaboration with Dr. Presley and with blessings from state educational leaders and donated space from the University of Central Oklahoma, Charlie founded the Educators' Leadership Academy, holding its first summer academies in 1998. The academies are attended by K-12, CareerTech, and Higher Ed administrators, Higher Ed Department Chairs, Professors, Principals, and Administrative Support Professionals. Each year hundreds of Oklahoma educators are actively involved in redefining their leadership perspective and skills.

Charlie's tireless efforts, undying dedication and clearly defined vision in his quest to transform education in Oklahoma were the great work of his life. Thousands of Oklahoma teachers and administrators have learned practical strategies to increase their effectiveness in preparing Oklahoma's children for the future.