Resident Athlete Program

What is the Resident Athlete program?

The resident athlete program is a service offered to selected Team USA athletes which provides basic living assistance so that the athletes can focus and commit to their sport training. The athletes are expected to practice in their skill development and to increase or maintain their physical strength and conditioning.

Benefits for Resident Athletes

As part of the program, athletes receive housing in apartments on campus, and their basic utility expenses are covered. Athletes have full access to UCO's Wellness Center for training, and arrangements for additional facilities can be made by request as needed. Additionally, in-state tuition waivers to the university are available to athletes in residence as long as they maintain their status as a full-time student and are progressively working towards earning a degree.

How do I become a Resident Athlete?

The resident athlete program is a very selective program. Athletes wishing to join the program must be identified as elite level athletes of their respective sports and have the ability to train in their sport at UCO.

Opportunities for new athletes to be recognized as elite athletes are possible. To receive additional information, please submit your information in the boxes below.

Staff & Coaches

Elliot Blake

Sitting Volleyball Coordinator 

Phone: (405) 974-3153


Coach Bill Hamiter

High Performance Director of U.S. Sitting Volleyball 

Phone: (405) 974-3138


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