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Fri: 9 am - 7 pm

Sat-Sun: 9 am - 4 pm


Please call ahead to ensure our staff is not assisting a group or booked the day you wish to come!

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Classes Offered


The UCO OAR offers a wide range of classes that are available to both students and community members. If you have an interest in a course, please contact us for more information.


Classes offered by the UCO OAR Center:

  • * "Leave No Trace" workshops
  • * "Leave No Trace" trainer course
  • * American Canoe Association introductory lesson
  • * American Canoe Association quick start lesson
  • * American Canoe Association smart start lesson
  • * Quick start canoe
  • * Quick start SUP
  • * Quick start mountain biking
  • * Backpacking 101/gear shake down
  • * Bike safety/maintenance
  • * Much more...


    General Workshop Information

    • * You must pre-register for all workshops
    • * Contact the OAR Boathouse to register for a workshop
    • * Workshops are designed to be interactive and hands-on
    • * Please be prepared to fully participate in all workshop activities
    • * Dress casually, comfortably and appropriately for the outdoors
    • * Some activities may be conducted outdoors, even if it is hot, cold or wet.


      * Classes are offered to Wellness Center members, which includes:

      • * Community members
      • * City of Edmond
      • * UCO students, faculty and staff
          • none

            For more information about class fees and reservations please contact:

            Joe Ready, Coordinator of Outdoor Recreation Programs


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