Speakers Bureau

Professional Speakers Bureau

Are you an experienced professional in the health and wellness field? Do you want to share your expertise with UCO students and employees? Are you passionate about helping others?

The Wellness Center is seeking professionals for our health/wellness speakers' bureau. The Wellness Center staff will coordinate all of the logistics of the speaking event/program and promotional efforts. The speaker volunteers their time in sharing their knowledge and expertise with others.

Speakers Bureau

Name: James Allen 
Areas of Expertise: Public Health, Infectious Disease, Physical Activity, Nutrition, Mental Health, Stress, Substance Abuse

Name: Dr. Jerel Cowan 
Areas of Expertise: Leisure & Recreation

Name: Dr. Sunshine Cowan 
Areas of Expertise: Health Equity/Environmental Justice, Public Health, Health Promotion, Human Development, Consumer Health, Media Advocacy

Name: Danielle Dill 
Areas of Expertise: Physical Activity, Fitness, Stress Management, Yoga

Name: Rachelle Franz 
Areas of Expertise: Physical Education, Fitness, Family Fitness, Basic Nutrition

Name: Dr. Jo McGuffin 
Areas of Expertise: Leadership, Health & Wellness, Stress Management

Name: Dr. Bill Pink 
Areas of Expertise: Physical Education, Healthy Lifestyles, Health in Schools

Name: Dr. Kim Quigley 
Areas of Expertise: Nutrition, Health Promotion, Elderly Nutrition, Sports Nutrition

Name: Dr. Christy Vincent 
Areas of Expertise: Stress Reduction, Healthy Relationships, Conflict Management

Name: Johnny Watley 
Areas of Expertise: Self-Defense, Health & Fitness, Weight Lifting, Exercise

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