Programs & Services - Fall 2015


Sexual Health Awareness Week


Let’s talk about sex. The 5th annual #SHAW is packed with daily events to provide Sexpert insight and opportunity for open discussion. Check out our lineup: 

The Big Bed: Visit our one-stop shop and pick up educational and practical resources regarding topics like safer sex, STI's, sexual orientation and expression, and healthy relationships. Don’t forget to leave your mark!

Mon-Thurs, Sept 21-24, 10 am - 1 pm, Clock Tower @ Broncho Lake 

I Speak for My Vagina: Be in control. There are TONS of contraception choices out there. Join us in discussing the best options for you. Hosted by the AAUW @ Central, the Women's Outreach Center and the UCO Peer Health Leaders.

Tues, Sept 22, 8:00 pm, Quad Lobby 

Sex in the Dark: Send in your questions through an anonymous poll and let our Sexperts answer them as we kill the lights and get personal. Students can voice their questions about sex and have them answered in a non-judgmental, safe environment by a panel of professionals in the health and sexuality fields.   

Wed, Sept. 23, 7:00 pm, Constitution Hall 

Pillow Talk: We want to hear your thoughts on all things sex-related and discuss how consent and communication can be used to build healthy relationships. Pajamas highly encouraged! Hosted by Project SPEAK.

Thurs, Sept 24, 7:00 pm, Quad Lobby 

Partners include: UCO Healthy Campus, UCO Wellness Center, UCO Center for Counseling & Well-Being, UCO Project SPEAK, UCO Women's Outreach Center, UCO Peer Health Leaders, UCO Community/Public Health Club, UCO Student Alliance for Equality, AAUW @ Central, UCO National Organization of Women, UCO Men's Programming Board and Teen emPower!

Relationship Violence Prevention Month

October is Relationship Violence Prevention Month. Join the Broncho community and UCO Project SPEAK as we launch #ItsOnUs and work together to end relationship violence.

It's On US: Learn more about the movement to end sexual assault on our college campus. Resources and educational materials regarding sexual assault and relationship violence will be available.

Mon-Thurs, Oct 5-8, 10 am - 1 pm, Clock Tower @ Broncho Lake 

Born to Be SAFE: Interactive forum highlighting relationship issues in LGBTQ relationships.

Tues, Oct 20 à 7-9 pm, Pegasus Theater (LAR 121)

Purple Movie Night: A candid look at unhealthy and abusive relationships.

Thurs, Oct 22 à 6-7:30 pm, Plunkett Park

Partners: UCO Project SPEAK, UCO Center for Counseling & Well-Being, UCO Student Programming Board, UCO Student Alliance for Equality, UCO Peer Health Leaders

National Depression Screening Day

New friends, experiences, and freedoms provide an exciting backdrop as you wind your way through mid-terms, social gatherings and all-nighters. Despite all the fun, adjusting to college life can be difficult, leaving you feeling stressed, anxious, disconnected, and alone.

National Depression Screening Day is Thurs Oct 8. More information coming soon!

National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week

Colleges and universities across the nation will unite together to raise awareness of alcohol abuse prevention through National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week. 49% of UCO students report using alcohol within the past 30 days. NCAAW educates students on safe ways to engage in alcohol use, and raises awareness of unhealthy behaviors associated with alcohol and drug use.

NCAAW is Nov. 19-23. Check back soon for the schedule!

Be-Mindful Week

Finals Week may be synonymous with stress, but we've got the remedy for stressed out students: food, massages, and those oh-so-cute puppies in the Library. Join the Wellness Center and the Center for Counseling and Well-Being as we engage in a new kind of finals week designed to encourage mindfulness in our students.

Stay tuned for the week's events!


For more information about UCO Health Promotion please contact:

Brittney Criswell - Manager of Health Promotion


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