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Campus Walking / Running Trails

The UCO campus provides a safe, accessible campus for walking - one of the simplest yet very effective forms of exercise. Whether it's about walking as a part of an overall workout, or simply trying to get more steps into the day of parking farther from the classroom, may find our beautiful campus very inviting to a pair of good walking shoes. Three specific, measured trails have been developed - the Bronze (1.18 miles), the Blue (1.87) and the Broncho (2.04 miles). A map illustrating these trails can be found here.


CETTL Labyrinth

The UCO Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching and Learning (CETTL) Labyrinth provides a permanent place for students to pause and take a breath from the demands of a busy day. The labyrinth provides students with opportunities for personal transformative learning, allowing them to embrace a place for inner reflection and meditation. The labyrinth is located at the Heartland Plaza on UCO’s campus and is open for all UCO students and employees. To learn more about the labyrinth at UCO, click here.


Nutrition / Fitness Log

For those wanting to track their own progress or looking for some accountability for their fitness efforts, the UCO Wellness Center offers a downloadable nutrition and fitness log here.


Be Broncho Fit! Home & Office Workout

The Wellness Center has everything you need to stay fit and healthy. But on those busy or bad weather days - when you just can't make it over to the facility, an effective strength training program and brochure has been designed to keep you working out in the convenience of your home or office. This program takes no special equipment - just you and a little motivation. Be Broncho Fit!


Home Workout (pdf)

Office Workout (pdf)


UCO Tobacco Free!

UCO is proud to be a tobacco free institution. From providing a cleaner environment to assisting those who want to quit the tobacco habit, UCO is committed to the health and well being of its students, employees and visitors. For more information, click here.


For more information about UCO Health Promotion please contact:

Brittney Criswell - Manager of Health Promotion


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