Connecting a Mac to UCO's Wireless Network

If you have already registered your Macintosh computer with UCO Technical Support, you may click here to skip to the connection settings for your computer:

  1. Register your Macintosh's physical network address (MAC) with UCO Technical Support by calling the Help Desk at: (405)974-2255.

    To find your Macintosh's physical network address, do the following:
    • From your Mac Desktop, click the Apple icon
    • Select System Preferences...
    • Select Network from the dialog that follows
    • You will be presented with the Adapter Selection window
      Network Preferences
    • Click the Show: dropdown menu (where it originally says "Network Status") and select AirPort.
    • You will be presented with the AirPort Preferences screen. Your physical network address is shown as the AirPort ID, as shown below. This is the series of numbers and letters that you will need to give Technical Support in order to register your Macintosh computer.

  2. Already Registered? Once you have received confirmation that your Macintosh has been registered, make sure your wireless card is enabled and has TCP/IP installed. You will need to obtain an IP address and DNS automatically.
  3. Use the Mac OSX Networking Utility (in the upper right-hand corner of the screen) to view the available wireless networks.
  4. You should see the network available: UCO. Connect to this open network.