Technology Resource Center: Turning Technologies - Getting Started for Faculty

Turning Technologies Instructions for Faculty

Faculty interested in using Turning Technologies Clickers in their classroom will need to complete a few steps prior to implementing the new technology into any courses. It is recommended that faculty begin the process at least 1-2 months prior to the start of the academic term to allow enough time to process the request, receive training and build content. Most instructors have found that starting the process the semester before they begin using the technology has helped them to absorb and process all of the new information as well as make plans for appropriate use in their classrooms.

The process begins by completing the adoption form to let IT know that you are interested and to kick start the entire adoption process. Once the form is submitted, you will be contacted by the Technology Resource Center with information on picking up your device and training opportunities. You will also want to begin considering the policies you will need to put into place for your class, as the devices are an additional cost for the students. This additional cost is typically considered a textbook equivalent but you may need to talk to your coordinator before proceeding.

Read the information below to understand the full adoption process and get links to the adoption form, help guides and other documentation.

Step 1: Complete the Turning Technologies Adoption Form

Click Here to access the Turning Technologies Adoption Form (opens in a separate window).

Step 2: Consultation Meeting with the TRC

The Technology Resource Center (TRC) will contact you to arrange a consultation meeting to assist you with implementing the Turning Technologies system. 

This initial implementation assistance includes the following:
  1. TRC provides you with the Turning Tech instructor kit (contains USB receiver, TurningPoint software, ResponseCard for testing, and user guides).
  2. TRC creates your ResponseWare instructor account (this is necessary for enabling your students to respond through ResponseWare).
  3. TRC provides you with assistance with the initial configuration of your Turning Point software.
  4. TRC coordinates with the building tech support contact where your classroom is located to arrange a test session.

Step 3: Inform Your Students

It is important to let your students know that you are going to be using the Turning Technologies system in your course and that there will be an additional cost for them to use the devices (students must either purchase a physical clicker card – ResponseCard or a subscription for the mobile app – ResponseWare).

Students are typically notified through the course Syllabus. You will need to inform your students that they must obtain a Turning Technologies response device and then register their response device through Learn@UCO (D2L). If students have used Turning Technologies in a previous course and registered their device at that time, they will not need to purchase/register another device.

You can provide your students with the link to the Turning Technologies Instructions for Students webpage for information and help resources.

Note: Students who need technical assistance with their Turning Technologies device should contact the Turning Technologies Technical Support at 866.746.3015 or refer to the Technical Support website

Step 4: Prepare Your Course Content

Use the TurningPoint software to create question lists in TurningPoint or add questions to PowerPoint presentations using the PowerPoint polling option.

Instructors are encouraged to use the online training resources provided by Turning Technologies or the user guides available in your instructor kit.

You can also schedule a 1-on-1 hands-on training session with a Technology Trainer from the Technology Resource Center. Contact the TRC at 405.974.5595 or

Step 5 (Optional): Link Turning Technologies to Your D2L Course

By linking your turning technology software to your course in D2L, you will be able to:

To do this, refer to the training documents available in the D2L Faculty Community or schedule a 1-on-1 training session by contacting the TRC at 405.974.5595 or

To access the D2L Faculty Community, log in to Learn@UCO at and click on the D2L Faculty Community link on your My Home screen. 

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