The Latest for Faculty/Staff from TRC:

To register for a course or see a full list of upcoming training, visit the Learning Center.

Upcoming Training in TRC

To register for a course or see a full list of upcoming training, visit the Learning Center.

Training Development Assistance

UCO's Technology Resource Center offers tools to help you develop a training.  Whether you're training students or managers, live or online, TRC has the tools to support your success.  Check out the schedule of classes in Learning Center, or simply contact TRC at 974-5595 to set up a one-on-one meeting to discuss your needs.

Tools for Developing Live Training

Microsoft PowerPoint

Basic session will give you the tools you need to present using professional graphics and handouts.  A follow-up session is also available, which will help you master the use of media in your presentations.

SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

Harness the power of the Smart Board to create more dynamic and memorable presentations.  This session provides instruction on the use of Smart Board Tools, and time for "hands-on" practice to try out your new skills.

SMART Notebook Software

This easy-to-use content creation tool provides educators with thousands of learning objects, which can be used to create highly dynamic lessons, assessments, or activities.  You can achieve extremely professional results with little effort!

Tools for Developing Online Training

People are demanding more creativity and flexibility than ever in the their learning environments.  Extending the classroom to include a web-based component, or simply conducting a training online, is the perfect way to support those needs.

Learn@UCO (Desire2Learn)

This session equips faculty to build and maintain an online classroom using Learn@UCO (D2L), UCO's learning management system.


Creating high impact content for web-based training is simple with SoftChalk.  This session will have you turning out professional, media-rich course content in no time.  "If it's not easy, it's not SoftChalk!"