Personal Purchases at the University of Central Oklahoma

Personal Purchases

The University of Central Oklahoma is proud to offer students, faculty, staff and departments special discounts on software, hardware and accessories!

UCO has entered into agreements with Adobe, Apple, Dell and Microsoft that allows the university to offer special pricing well below standard academic pricing.

Click here to enter the UCO Tech Store.

Personal (Non-UCO) Computer Recommendations

UCO's Technology Support recommends computer purchases from Dell and Apple.  Please note that the special pricing applies to commercial/business grade machines rather than standard home-use machines.

UCO strongly encourages students, faculty and staff to download and install Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition via UCONNECT for personal computers.  Unfortunately, there is currently no MAC-compatible virus protection software licensed by UCO for personal use.  Some form of virus protection is still recommended for MAC computers.

Please remember that all students, faculty and staff are subject to UCO's Technology and Network Usage Policy when utilizing any UCO computing or network resources.  This includes the usage of personal computers over UCO's wireless or wired network.

Recommended Specifications

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