Web Spaces

UCO has several options available for use in Classrooms and Student Organizations.

Wiki Central

Wiki Central http://wiki.uco.edu

Wiki Central is UCO's official wiki. Use it for collaboration with classmates, offices, or teams. Wikis can be an excellent alternative to emails and documents. Think of it as the webpage that anyone (with access) can edit! Complete this form to request your Wiki!

Broncho Blogs

Broncho Blogs http://blogs.uco.edu

Broncho blogs are the official UCO blogs. With many departments and students using them already, Broncho Blogs are an easy way to follow your interests across campus. Blogs are useful in getting the word out about your activity or Student Organization, as well as team-blogging for classroom assignments. Request your own blog today (opens pdf).

Web Sites

The Office of Information Technology can provide you with a website for your student Organization or University-related activity to develop a web presence.

Claim Your Web Space

Student organizations wishing to utilize UCO web technologies are encouraged to have a Sponsor contact OIT to make a request for Web Spaces.