Tablet CollageYou've heard of them, you've seen them being used all around you. tablets play music, videos and games. Tablets are used for reading, web-browsing as well as various other media related activity. But should a tablet be your instrument of choice for classroom or business purposes? Do you know all of what a tablet can do for you here at UCO? In February 2012 the Office of Information Technology began on-going studies involving tablet computing and it's potential usage on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma, with a special emphasis on the relationship of tablet computing and People With Disabilities.

A dedicated and relentless team of 16 students, staff and faculty tested 5 different brands of tablet computers within the UCO environment. Taskforce members tested all UCO services including  e-mail, WebCT, UCONNECT, Banner and Desire2Learn. Taskforce members then documented all challenges and solutions for the development of an OIT customer support model for tablet computing. Not a challenge for the weak of heart!

We invite you to explore the world of tablets and what they can do for you. And, although UCO does not recommend or endorse one particular type or style of tablet, please check out our tablet comparison results for information that may help you in your decision to purchase a tablet.

UCO is committed to being on the cutting edge of technological advances and will continue to explore how to best support the tools you decide to use during your time as a member of the UCO community.