The UCO Project Management Office (PMO)

The Project Management Office, or PMO, is responsible for the centralizing and coordinating management of large projects which are identified as being under its purview.  These would include the following:

  • The request has been submitted to the division as support tickets, service desk requests, project requests, strategic planning initiatives, or a multitude of other possible inputs from the client community that is served.
  • The common elements for each of these projects is the utilization of technical resources, in excess of 80 staff hours, or the project utilizes resources from multiple departments campus-wide in order to achieve a common goal for the university.

It also provides support functions, but can also be responsible for managing project directly.

The PMO is responsible for developing and providing project management methodology, arranging for training, publishing reports containing data that are under its direction, and also responsible for providing guidance to management.

The mission is to provide direction to the organization which will strategically result in optimal business benefits and best practices.  Its goal is to provide the following:

  • Assist in delivering a project within budget.
  • Assist in delivering agreed upon products or services.
  • Provide improved customer satisfaction.
  • Standardization of operations; efficient and effective operations.
  • Better resource allocation, capacity planning.
  • A realistic prioritization of work requested.
  • An enterprise approach rather than silo decision-making.