Multimedia Services Equipment Loan Form

Please Fill Out this form to request equipment from Technology Resource Center.

  LCD Projector
  Projection Screen
  Presentation Clicker
  Computer Speakers
  Microphone (wireless lapel or handheld)
  PA System (includes a handheld Mic)
  Cord Reel (extension cord)
  Video Camcorder
  Digital Camera
  Digital Voice Recorder
  Apple iPod Touch
  Apple iPad
  Mobile DVD player
  This agreement is made between you and the Technology Resource Center (TRC) at the University of Central Oklahoma. TRC agrees to loan the aforementioned individual (borrower) the equipment indicated in this form. Borrower agrees to return said equipment in good working condition and further agrees that he/she is personally responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment.
  It is understood that the use of this equipment is a privilege and not a right, as stated in our policies. Equipment may not be available at time of request; you should get a confirmation from an IT Multimedia Services staff member prior to picking up your equipment.
  Sanyo Projector: $2,500 Dell Laptop: $1,500 Surge Protector Cord Reel: $65 Kensignton Wireless Clicker: $65 Cables and Accessories: $30 Polycom Audio Conferencing Phone: $900 Portable Screen: $150Califone PA 300 Sound System: $300 Wireless Microphone System: $350 Technology Support: Priceless For all other equipment replacement cost, please contact Technology Resource Center at 405-974-5595.