Enterprise Content Management System

The University of Central Oklahoma has implemented a new enterprise content management system (ECMS).  Use of an ECMS facilitates collaboration within departments and across different departments on campus.  The ECMS will optimize document management and business processes, enabling us to reduce redundancy and automate menial tasks.  This will allow us to work more quickly and efficiently, increasing productivity. Staff will be freed up to spend time on work that really matters. The ECMS will also help us to reduce paper waste and bridge different software applications used across campus, enabling us to better manage and protect records, and provide business continuity.  

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Current Departments Using ECMS:


Financial Aid


Human Resources

Information Technology





Departments Joining ECMS Soon:

Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs - ORC

Academic Affairs - Provost



College of Liberal Arts

Financial Services

Global Affairs

Graduate College

Grants & Contracts


Value on Investment

Period of October 1st, 2011 to September 24th, 2013


Paper                       ECMS Solutions              

Annual Total Cost - Paper Environment                       $617.790.20   

Annual Total Cost - ImageNow Environment                                                 $234,761.96

Cost Per Hour Annually (2080 Hours)                          $297.02                     $112.87

Annual Total Cost Savings: