Testing - Central Alert, the UCO Emergency Notification System

Testing Central Alert

On occasion, the university conducts a test of the Central Alert system.

During testing, you should expect to be contacted at any and all of the mediums you have registered. If you have registered your cell phone number, you will receive a call on your cell phone. If you answer when the test is administered you will hear a recording; if you are unable to answer you will have a recorded message left on your voice mail. The same applies to your home phone, a work phone or any other phone number you wish to register. If you register your personal email address you will receive the Central Alert test at both your work email address and your personal email address. You can also register your cell phone to receive text messages. Keep in mind if you have your email (personal or work) going to your phone there will be another point of contact.

During testing, the Central Alert message will clearly identify itself as a test first. 

Central Alert testing is conducted to ensure our systems are functioning properly.  In the event of a real emergency we need to know that we can reach you, and reach you fast. This should be considered just as serious as a fire drill or other emergency situation.

Learn more about testing in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

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