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Phone Services at the University of Central Oklahoma provides you with a wealth of valuable functions you will likely use every day.

Most predominantly, Phone Services provides REAL-PEOPLE Operators to the main University phone lines.  This means that when you call (405) 974-2000 between the hours of 7AM and 8PM Monday through Friday, it is a REAL person that will answer.  These fantastic individuals work tirelessly to provide you quality, personable help and direction to the information you seek about the University.  

Phone Services also provides a variety of technical phone assistance as well!  Need a new phone line or phone unit?  Need to move your existing phone/line to another office or even another building?  Need new features programmed into your existing phone?  These are the professionals that make it happen. Just email or call in your phone-related requests to Technology Support at (405) 974-2255 and Phone Services will take care of you.

Important Numbers
Emergency: 9-1-1; Campus Police: x2345
Main UCO Phone Number: (405) 974-2000
UCO Voicemail (On-campus): x3100
UCO Voicemail (Off-campus): (405)974-3100
To call off-campus: Dial 9+number
Operator Assistance (On-campus): Dial 0
Technology Support: (405)974-2255


Telephone and Voicemail Guides

Sure, these systems have been a common household name for decades, but that doesn't mean everyone knows every nook and cranny.  Learning how to use the systems and little tips & tricks doesn't have to be hard, either!  Just follow these guides to be up and running like a pro in no time!

Single-line Phone Usage Guide
Multi-line Phone Usage Guide
Voicemail Usage Guide


Student Telephone Service

New to the University?  Want to know how to get the most out of your UCO-provided telephone system and voicemail?  Look no further!

Telephone service for students is provided by the UCO. Each student is responsible for bringing their own phone and any touch-tone phone will do.

Extension numbers for the residents on campus are available through the Hall/Commons Community building desks (Room 309 in the University Center, x2746).

Voice mail service is available at a reasonable fee from the Housing Office (Room 309 of the University Center).

For more details, and additional information please see our Student Telephone FAQ.


When Creating Personal Greetings

When Leaving Voice Messages

Step 1. After you hear the person you're calling personal greeting, record your message after the beep. If you would like to bypass greeting and record right away, press 1

Step 2. To get secretary instead of or after recording a message, press 0

Step 3. For help at any time you can press *4

Step 4. While recording (and before hanging up), you can press:

Faculty/Staff Cell Phones

Many jobs or responsibilities across campus require someone to contact us when we're not at our desk, sometimes even after University business hours, and while the University does NOT provide cell phones to employees with this need and/or job requirement, there is a way that such an employee can be compensated by the University for using their own personal cell phones.  

Mobile/Smart Devices Allowance Request Procedures

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING CELL PHONES: Due to the sheer number of different types of cell phones on the market, and given that these devices are all your personal property, Technology Support can not fully support your devices or even their respective connection to services we provide.  They will make efforts to assist you in getting your device to work, but ultimately are not responsible for ensuring that it does or that it meets the expectations of the user.


Equipment Pricing

Everything has it's price, and with Phone Services it is no different.  Everything from new telephone cords, to new multiline phones and to moving telephones and extensions from one building to another can be found priced out here.



As much as we would love for things to work properly all the time, sometimes they just don't.  If you should come in one day to find that your telephone, voicemail, long distance or any other Phone Service is not working how you would expect it to, please follow these trouble reporting procedures to get help as soon as possible!


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