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Wiring Services

Getting connected to the wired network on campus couldn't be easier!  Sometimes, however, you'll find that there just might not be quite enough plugs in the wall for all of the toys you want to get connected.  But rest easy, OIT is here to help!  By simply emailing or calling Technology Support at (405) 974-2255, you can request additional network "drops" to be installed in your office or other location.  

This type of request does involve a cost, and the amount is specific to exactly where you are wanting this new network connection to be created.  Technology Support will make sure to get your request into the right hands so that a quote can be prepared for you to give you an idea of those costs.  Quote Preparation generally takes up to 2 weeks from the time of your request.  If you agree to the costs, work will begin as soon as possible to get it installed.  

Networking Services

Networking Services at UCO can involve many different things.  Generally speaking, it can be anything from getting your computer physically on the network, providing a unique network address so that it can get to the Internet (DHCP), to giving your webserver a unique name on the Internet (DNS).  

If you are interested in Wireless service at UCO, please see the Wireless and Internet page.

If you are interested in Email services at UCO, please see the Email page of the OIT Service Catalog.

VPN Accounts and Services

The normal 8-5 not enough for you?  Are you running behind on a project for the office?  Simply have an undeniable urge to work from home?

Well OIT has the answer for you: VPN.

The VPN, or "Virtual Private Network", is a means by which you can connect to the UCO network from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else on the Internet).  By using the same credentials you login to your UCO computer with and a web browser, you can be connected and ready to work within minutes! 

Currently the VPN is available and supported only for faculty and staff and is a simple process. All you have to do is login to a website with your UCO computer credentials and click a button.  Simply open up your web browser and go to https://sslvpn.uco.edu.  Login with your UCO username and password, and once  you're in, click the button labeled "Net Direct" to proceed. An easy to follow VPN Guide will walk you through the process of using the VPN Service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the UCO Service Desk at 405-974-2255 or by email at support@uco.edu.