Email Access provided by IT at the University of Central Oklahoma

Email Access

Email access at UCO comes in a variety of features and flavors, but essentially boils down to two options: Student and Alumni email powered by Google and email for Faculty and Staff powered by Microsoft Exchange.

Exchange email is available and supported with a Microsoft Outlook client (on or off campus), Entourage on campus (for the mac folks), smartphones such as iPhone and Blackberry and Outlook Web Access.  This email system supports advanced calendaring, groupware functionality, Public Folders/SharePoint Lists and has a standard 300MB total email capacity. Users will use their Domain Account to login to Exchange email.

UCONNECT Mail will now direct you to Microsoft Outlook Web Access

Occasionally you may need to access other mailboxes in Outlook (also called a shared inbox). A set-up guide is available for both Outlook 2010 and 2007 to help step you through this process.

Speaking of smartphones, check out these guides for accessing your Exchange email on your phone!

Connecting to UCO Exchange Email using an iPhone
Connecting to UCO Exchange Email using a Blackberry through AT&T
Connecting to UCO Exchange Email using a Blackberry through T-Mobile

Prefer to forward your email to your Blackberry like the days of Lotus Notes?  We got ya covered.

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