Technology Accounts and Passwords at the University of Central Oklahoma

Accounts and Passwords

At the University of Central Oklahoma we strive to make your experience both secure, and easy to use.

Student Accounts

For students at UCO, you will typically have one account. Often referred to as your UCONNECT account. This is what you will use to access the majority of systems across campus. The format is typically your first initial then your last name and may be followed by a number.

Faculty or Staff Accounts

Faculty and Staff usually have more than one account for use across campus. In addition to the UCONNECT account outlined above, you will most likely have a domain account. (Sometimes we call it your computer account, since this is what is used to log in to a University computer.) The username will be the same on both accounts. While the username is the same, the password may be different.

Employee Security Access

Access to enterprise systems on campus is requested by using the UCO Employee Security Access Form.  You may submit the signed form to Technology Support, Campus Box 122 or deliver to MCS 172.

Good Security Practices

Protect your password:

Protect your files:

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