Central's Office of Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) strives to enhance learning, improve service and communication, and increase student, faculty, staff, and community access to useful information through the application of technology.

Information Technology at UCO provides computing, networking, e-learning, telephone, training, and support services to students, faculty, staff and the University community.

Email Migration to Office 365

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UCO is migrating its email system from the locally provided Exchange environment to Exchange Online through Microsoft Office 365, a cloud-based e-mail service that will better meet the needs of faculty and staff across the university. For more information, check out the project website.

Infrastructure Upgrade

As part of a multi-million dollar network infrastructure upgrade, the University of Central Oklahoma is currently upgrading the wireless networks across campus. This project is partially funded by the student technology fee. This upgrade will provide better wireless signal coverage with more reliability. It will also allow more devices to connect to the network while providing faster speeds. As of Fall 2014, 11 buildings have been upgraded to the new faster wireless network.  What this means to you when connecting to the wireless network!