Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Central Oklahoma!

We look forward to helping you become the best Bronchos ever!


New Broncho Orientation offers a comprehensive selection of programs to help with your transition to college. Your orientation experience begins with Enrollment Central, an academic orientation set to help you navigate the necessary information and processes to enroll in classes and meet with offices important to your success. Freshman FORGE is Central’s program for activities and tradition; here you’re guaranteed to leave with exponentially greater pride for what it means to be a Broncho! Enrollment Central and Freshman FORGE are our two premier programs. In addition, we offer complementary programs and extended orientation programs.

You’ll be receiving paper mail to your home address with more information on all of our programs to help you choose an orientation custom for your desires and interests! Registration will begin mid-March for programs beginning mid-May 2016.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, contact First-Year Experience & Student Success at or 405-974-5390.

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