The Student Development Transcript (SDT) is a co-curricular transcript that displays various areas of involvement both on and off campus. It demonstrates the numerous skills and experiences students gain outside the classroom. Examples of accomplishments recorded on the SDT include: membership in student organizations, offices held, and/or involvement in campus or community committees.  

Students can utilize the Student Development Transcript as a supplement to a resume when applying for jobs, to gain an extra edge over competition when applying for internships or Graduate Schools, or as supporting documentation for scholarship applications or honorary organizations. It's open to all current students, no matter what year and/or classification, and it acts as a living document that can be updated at any time.  

The Student Development Transcript serves as a verified document that assures prospective employers or admission boards that a student has devoted a certain number of hours to an activity or an organization and has gained a particular skill set  while a member of the organization or committee. 

Student Development Transcript Application

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