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Welcome to Student Organizations at Central!

Involvement in student organizations gives you the opportunity to positively impact the University of Central Oklahoma. With over 200 recognized student organizations, it's easy to find your fit here at Central! From academic, professional, religious, honorary to cultural, social, recreation, and special interest, there is something for everyone. If no organizations peak your interest, create your own new student organization. It is important to become an engaged student on campus, and joining a student organization is key to being successful outside the classroom.

Upcoming Opportunities and Informational Sessions

Student Organization Renewals

Each Spring, every student organization at UCO must renew their organization to become active on campus for the upcoming academic year. The following four steps must be completed for an organization to be considered active on campus:

Updated OrgSync Profile-This is done by clicking on the orange bar on your page and updating the necessary information.  After you submit it online, your advisor will be sent a message to approve the information.  Once you have completed all parts of the renewal process, this profile will be turned to active.

Updated and Currently Dated Constitution-Constitutions must be updated every three years in OrgSync.  If your current Constitution is dated for before 2013, you must upload a current document before being approved.

Org Leader Training-The President or Vice President of every student organization must attend an Org Leader Training for their OrgSync profile to be turned to active.  These will take place during the remainder of the semester, throughout the summer, and for the first few weeks of school in the fall. All training times are posted below and at

Advisor Training-An advisor for every student organization must attend an Advisor Training every three years.  If your advisor is remaining the same as last year, they will not have to attend a training this summer, but if your advisor is new this year, they will need to attend a training for your OrgSync profile to be turned to active. All training times are posted below and at

Important Dates for the Renewal Process:

August 7th:  Organizations must be active by this date to participate in the Stampede Week Student Involvement Fair

September 4th:  Organizations must be active by this date to receive their SAF funding and reserve rooms on campus.

Student Organization Leader and Advisor Trainings

As part of the student organization renewal process, student organization leaders and advisors must each attend a training. Click the date/time below in which you would like to register.  Leaders and advisors must be registered for a session in order to attend. We will not accept walk-ups and will limit size of session based on the room capacity. For questions, contact Nicole Doherty at

Org Leader Trainings

Tuesday, June 30th--1pm--Room 202

Thursday, July 9th--4pm--Room 213 (Cherokee Room)

Tuesday, July 21st--4pm--Room 202

Wednesday, July 29th--3pm--Room 213 (Cherokee Room)--Last Training Before Student Involvement Fair Deadline

Tuesday, August 11th--4pm--Room 213 (Cherokee Room)

Thursday, August 27th--4pm--Room 202

Friday, September 4th--2pm--Room 202--Last Training Before Final Deadline

Advisor Trainings

Thursday, July 9th--1pm--Room 213 (Cherokee Room)

Friday, August 7th--2pm--Room 213 (Cherokee Room)--Last Training Before Student Involvement Fair Deadline)

Monday, August 10th--9am--Room 202

Tuesday, August 25th--4pm--Room 202

Thursday, September 3rd--10am--Room 202--Last Training Before Final Deadline

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