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Involvement in student organizations gives you the opportunity to positively impact the University of Central Oklahoma. With over 200 recognized student organizations, it's easy to find your fit here at Central! From academic, professional, religious, honorary to cultural, social, recreation, and special interest, there is something for everyone. If no organizations peak your interest, create your own new student organization. It is important to become an engaged student on campus, and joining a student organization is key to being successful outside the classroom.

Upcoming Opportunities and Informational Sessions

Financial Trainings

Tuesday, September 2nd--9 am--Robert S Kerr Room, NUC

Wednesday, September 3rd--1 pm--Robert S Kerr Room, NUC

Thursday, September 4th--12 pm--Henry Bellmon Room, NUC

Thursday, September 4th--5:30 pm--Carl Albert Room, NUC

Friday, September 5th--3 pm--NUC, Room 202

OrgSync Trainings

Tuesday, September 9th--9 am--Mary Fallin Room, NUC

Tuesday, October 7th--3 pm--NUC, Room 202

Friday, October 17th--2 pm--NUC, Room 201

Monday, October 27th--9 am--Mary Fallin Room, NUC

Wednesday, November 12th--10 am--NUC, Room 201

Tuesday, December 2nd--3 pm--NUC, Room 201

Student Organization Renewals

How to Renew Your Student Organization

  1. OrgSync Renewal-By following the prompt on your organization's OrgSync page, you can easily renew your student organization!  Just fill in the information for the new officers and update any other information that has changed.
  2. Consitution Update-All constitutions must be updated and dated within the past three years.  If your organization's constitution is dated prior to 2012, update the information before uploading it to your OrgSync page.
  3. Org Leader Training-Every organization must have their President or Vice President attend an Org Leader training.  This training goes over the ins and the outs of Student Organizations at Central and will help your organization get off to a great start.  Trainings must be signed up for ahead of time.  All dates and times available are listed below or can be found on the Student Organizations OrgSync Page.
  4. Advisor Training-Every organization must have their Advisor attend an Advisor training.  Advisors need only attend these trainings once every three years.  If your organization is new this academic year or you have a new advisor, a training is required.  All dates and times available are listed below or can be found on the Student Organizations OrgSync Page.

 Important Organization Dates

  • April 1, 2014
    • All organizations become inactive on OrgSync for the 2014-2015 Academic Year. OrgSync will prompt you to renew your organization, and then you will need to complete organization and advisor trainings.
  • First Friday in August (August 1, 2014)
    • All organizations renewed for the 2014-2015 academic year will be able to participate in the Student Involvement Fair that takes place during Stampede Week.
  • First Friday in September (September 5, 2014)
    • All organizations not yet renewed for the 2014-2015 academic year will be considered inactive for the year and will lose all funding for that academic year and status to reserve space or rooms on campus.
    • If your organization starts new or becomes active after the first Friday in September, you can still request UCOSA Sponsorship Funding. That application can be found here.

Student Organization Leader and Advisor Trainings

As part of the student organization renewal process, student organization leaders and advisors must each attend a training. 

Click the date/time below in which you would like to register.  Leaders and advisors must be registered for a session in order to attend. We will not accept walk-ups and will limit size of session based on the room capacity. 

For questions, contact Nicole Doherty at

Org Leader and Advisor Trainings

Thursday, September 11th--1 pm--NUC, Room 414

Monday, September 15th--9 am--NUC, Room 414

Tuesday, October 7th--11 am--NUC, Room 414

Thursday, October 30th--3 pm--NUC, Room 414

Monday, November 17th--10 am--NUC, Room 414

OrgSync at UCO

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