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Welcome to the University of Central Oklahoma's Homecoming Page!

Homecoming has always been, and will continue to be, a standing tradition here at UCO. The Homecoming Activities Board strengthen bonds with the Alumni Office and Athletic Department, works closely with our philanthropy recipients and created new and exciting events for all of our participants. This is a time for celebration, as we have now seen 125 amazing years of this wonderful place. 

From the Territorial Normal School to Central State College to the University of Central Oklahoma, we have accumulated an enormous amount of history and tradition, all of which is well worth our week long celebration! 

Homecoming Activities for Saturday November 7
Homecoming Parade - 10am
Tailgating - 11:30am
Football Game - 2pm

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Homecoming 2015 Dates to Remember

Cheer and Dance: 10pm
Homecoming Parade: Satuday November 7 - 10am
Homecoming Tailgate: Saturday November 7 - 11:30am
Homecoming Football Game: Saturday November 7 - 2pm

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