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Frequently Asked Questions

What's with the FORGE in all caps?

Forging is the process in which metal becomes a horseshoe, and our FORGE programs are the process in which students become Bronchos.  We put it in all caps because we are EXCITED TO MAKE YOU A BRONCHO!  In all seriousness, our staff and the Orientation Leaders have been working very hard, all year, to get ready for our FORGE programs, because we know how instrumental they are in making sure you have the best experience you can at Central. 

My parents and/or I attended Enrollment Central already, isn't that the same thing?

Nope! Enrollment Central is the first step in New Broncho Orientation, but it isn't the last.  EC is the business side of becoming a Broncho where you get your schedule and meet your advisor. Freshman FORGE, or one of our many additional FORGE programs, is the next step. It is where you find out all about UCO's resources, how to be the best student and Broncho you can be, and most of all, meet new people. Even if you are coming here with a ton of friends, you definitely want to attend Freshman FORGE and start your time off right.

What should I wear?

All our FORGE programs are casual events. The New Broncho Orientation Leaders will be wearing UCO tshirts, shorts and comfortable shoes. Please do not wear skirts or heels because we move around a lot at all the FORGE programs. What you shouldn't wear is a shirt from any other school. You are a BRONCHO now- show your pride!  This goes for parents, as well.

Do I need to bring anything?

It depends on which FORGE program you are attending.  With Freshman FORGE, FORGE Diversity and FORGE Transfer, it is actually better if you don't bring anything! You'll be given all the materials you need (paper, pens, resources, food, etc). Purses and backpacks get in the way and are just something extra you have to worry about while here.  

If you are attending FORGE Adventure (Light or Extreme) or FORGE Service, we will provide you a packing list.

Where do we park?

Parking is FREE for all new students and parents attending any FORGE program. Whether you are coming in from the east or west on 2nd Street, turn north into the campus at Garland Godfrey and park in the Nigh University Center visitor parking lot. Take a ticket and when you leave, let them know you were here attending FORGE.

When do I pay my FORGE charge?

All New Broncho Orientation charges are charged to your bursar account. We do not take cash, check or credit card in person for these programs. All FORGE charges are non-refundable. 

What time do the programs start?

Freshman FORGE check in begins at 8:30am with the program starting at 9AM and will run until 3:30 PM. Check in is on the 3rd floor of the Nigh University Center. You won't have time to leave during the programs- we keep you moving the whole time. So if you need to see a financial aid advisor or check on a class, you will want to do that afterwards or on another day.