Orientation Leaders welcoming students

Freshman FORGE

Freshman FORGE is the second step of the New Broncho Orientation process.  Why do we call it FORGE? Because forging is a step in creating the perfect horseshoe. And at Freshman FORGE, and in all our FORGE programs, we are a step in creating new Bronchos. Forging takes place over time, and your entire duration at UCO is a forging process.  You are going to be bent, formed and transformed into an engaged, committed, involved Broncho!

Freshman FORGE will be held August 17 and 18th in the NUC Ballrooms.  You only attend one of the two days. Registration for 2016 Freshman FORGE will close on August 10 at 5PM.

Registration for Freshman FORGE will begin at 8:30am on the 3rd floor of the Nigh University Center, outside of the Ballrooms. We encourage you to pick up your parking pass and park in the designated lot. If you park in the visitor lot, you will have to pay for the time you are there. The program starts at 9am, and we will wrap up at 3:30pm. Lunch is part of FORGE, so don’t worry about that. Remember this program is for students only. 

The day is jam packed, so you won’t have time to leave the program to take care of any last minute business such as parking decals or financial aid. However, those offices all open at 8am and stay open until at least 5pm the entire week, so plenty of time to take care of things before and after FORGE.

You don’t need to bring anything with you- we will have it all. As a matter of fact, the less you bring the better. We advise to leave large purses/backpacks at home because they will be in the way.  We just need you, wearing your favorite new UCO tshirt (NOT one from one of those other schools just north or south of us- you are a Broncho now!) and jeans/shorts.  No skirts or heels, please.