Freshman Activities Board

Freshman Activities Board

FAB is a campus activities board designed to organize, promote and execute events on campus. It is a great way to get involved and become a student leader on campus. Below you will find the different positions available within F.A.B. to become a campus leader:

  • FAB Chair- oversees the entire Freshman Activities Board by leading meetings, guiding members, and encouraging creativity.
  • Food Chair- responsible for the food and snacks for the different events held throughout the year. This includes the donation and purchasing for all events or the decision to include food.
  • Volunteer Chair- recruit other freshman to volunteer during all events and attend meetings.  
  • Activities and Entertainment Chair- the role of the activities chair is to decide what types of activities will take place during the 'Express Yourself' events as well as the Plunkett Past Dark Event.
  • Marketing & Social Media Chair- assist the committee in creating all publicity and marketing tools for events. This chair position also keeps all social media up-to-date with information regarding upcoming events.
  • General Members- responsible in assisting all events and attending meetings for upcoming events. Give general feedback to Chairs when appropriate.

Freshman Activities Board assist in promoting and executing the following events:

  • "Express Yourself"- Monthly events held to get ALL students involved with the Campus Activities Office. These events range from 'Broncho T-shirt Day" to "Happy Leap Year." The sky is the limit when planning these events.
  • Plunkett Past Dark- An event held in April giving students the opportunity to relax outside the classroom. This event is filled with live music, inflatables, lots of food, and free promotional items. The purpose is to provide something for student to do after dark here on UCO's campus.
  • Mom's/Dad's Day- Each of these days are for our students to spend with their mother or father figure and enjoy some of the UCO festivities.
  • Parent & Family Weekend- Held in the fall, this event gives our students to a chance to spend an entire weekend with their family members as they attend different activities organized through the Office of Parent & Family Programs.

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