Volunteer and Service Learning Center

Poverty Awareness Week

Poverty Awareness Week aims to inform the UCO population about issues related to poverty in the Edmond and OKC Metro areas.

We have several interactive and hands-on events taking place that would be great for students to get involved in.

Hunger Simulations

Mon. Sept. 30- 12 pm to 1 pm, Henry Bellmon Room (3rd Floor NUC)

Tues. Oct. 1- 10 am to 11 am, Henry Bellmon Room (3rd Floor NUC)

Wed. Oct. 2- 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm, Henry  Bellmon Room (3rd Floor NUC)

The Hunger Simulation is an interactive presentation where students are given a profile and are required to try to meet a calorie count using the resources they are given. For instance, a profile might look like this:

You are John, a 42 year old father of four. You work part time at a factory and make $600/week. You qualify for $300 of SNAP benefits/week.

From this information, the participant will have to figure out how to acquire the proper amount of calories and nutritional guidelines by shopping at the grocery store, using your SNAP Benefits, and using the food pantry. The entire presentation is just a way to show students how difficult it actually is for someone to get the proper nutrients using SNAP benefits and other forms of food supplementation, such as food pantries. We will be doing the Hunger Simulation three times from Monday-Wednesday of that week.

Privilege Walks

Tues. Oct. 1- 11 am to 12 pm, Henry Bellmon Room (3rd Floor NUC)

Wed. Oct. 2- 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm, Henry Bellmon Room (3rd Floor NUC)

Another interactive program that asks participants certain questions about his or her upbringing in order to point out how fortunate (or unfortunate, as the case may be) they were compared their peers. These will correspond with the Hunger Simulations. It is important to do both the Hunger Simulation and the Privilege Walk in order to get the full experience. On the Tuesday and Wednesday of Poverty Awareness Week, they will happen one right after the other.

Community Living Panel

Thurs. Oct 3- 3 pm to 4 pm, Henry Bellmon Room (3rd Floor NUC)

The Community Living Panel will consist of employees of various community organizations who deal explicitly with poverty and/or hunger and malnutrition in some way. This panel will take place on Thursday, Oct. 3rd. This is a great opportunity for students to meet with community leaders who understand the nature of poverty in Oklahoma quite well.

SNAP Challenge

This is less of an individual event and more of an agreement. Students will agree to live only on the funding that someone who uses SNAP Benefits would receive. For our purposes, this is roughly $4.50 a day. They may agree to do the challenge for one day, two days, or the whole week if they wish. They will have the opportunity to blog and videolog about their experiences. More info on the SNAP Challenge can be found here.