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2014-2015 Events Calendar


8/19 - Volunteer Fair
Non-profit and volunteer organizations come to campus to offer students the opportunity to meet and greet some of the community's leaders in service! From 9 a.m. til 2 p.m. students can come out to Broncho Lake and talk with these organizations to find a place where they would want to volunteer!

8/21 - Broncho Difference
This is the kick-off service event hosted by the VSLC! Intended to get students excited about volunteering while at UCO, the Broncho Difference is a service event that takes place on-campus to make it easy to access, and it's always fun too! Look forward to more information as the summer goes along.

9/11 - 9/11 Service Project
This is a very special volunteer event intended to show UCO's appreciation and remembrance of the men and women who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks of 2001. This day includes a flag planting ceremony around Broncho Lake, and an evening of appreciation for the public servants of our community.

10/4 - Little Event
Little event is a service opportunity that allows students to help in the tornado affected areas in Oklahoma. This is a great opportunity to show the metro area that UCO has not forgotten the victims affected by this tragedy. Volunteers serve at various locations from 9 am to 1 pm.

October, 2014 - Poverty Awareness Month, an extension of UCO's Social Justice Series
Poverty Awareness week aims to open the eyes of students who aren't aware of the struggles that many Oklahomans face today with a difficult economy. Many students are sheltered from this reality and Poverty Awareness weeks attempts to help them understand that not everyone is necessarily equally blessed.

1016 - 10/17 - Alternative Fall Break
Rather than going home for the extended weekend, a small group of students will be chosen to go on an out-of-state trip to perform service for the weekend. This trip is loved by students who are able to attend!

1/19/2015 - MLK Day of Service
In celebration of MLK Day and the ideals MLK represented, students are encouraged to join in a large-scale service project on their day off.

3/14 - 3/21/2015 Alternative Spring Break
Similar to AFB, rather than partaking in your 'average' spring break, students go on a long-distance trip in order to serve. Many students claim this to be their favorite part of their college careers! Applications generally are available in late Fall in the VSLC.

3/28 - The Big Event
A premiere event of the VSLC, the Big Event is UCO's biggest day of service that is completely run by students. Students from all of campus are encouraged to sign up and give back to the Edmond community all over, from animal shelters to non-profit agencies benefiting children. Often students remember Big Event as one of their fondest memories.

(These dates are subject to change)

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