Project SPEAK

What is Project SPEAK?
(Support, Promote, Educate, Advocate for Knowledge)
  • We support students, staff and faculty and assess their needs for FREE and in a confidential manner.
  • We promote awareness through campus wide events and in class presentations about domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and bullying.
  • We educate the campus community on the importance of being a proactive bystander. We want everyone to step up and speak out when they witness violence being committed.
  • We provide advocacy and strive to assist everyone at UCO with a non-judgmental and compassionate demeanor at all times. We help those that have lost their voice to find their voice again. We empower them to SPEAK and break the silence.
  • Our ultimate goal through Project SPEAK is to spread knowledge and develop a campus culture that fosters healthy relationships. Through knowledge, UCO community members will not condone violence or victim blaming, but will provide an environment that is conducive to every student’s success.
What we will do for you?
Project SPEAK will inform those that have experienced sexual assault or some form of violence of all the services that are available to them and assist them in exploring the possible options to pursue. The staff will advocate for the individual as much, or as little, as he/she chooses. Project SPEAK collaborates with agencies and partners to provide referrals to: Obtain a VPO (Victims Protective Order), Obtain counseling & additional support services, file a no contact order, file a police report on or off campus, assist in relocation within the dorms, assist with student conduct process, address academic concerns & work to get schedule changes if needed.
Who is your campus advocate?
Michelle Stansel, M.Ed.
Prevention & Advocacy Coordinator
Nigh University Center #406

Call: (405) 974-2224 to schedule an appointment. If your campus advocate is not available, you can ask to leave a voicemail and your campus advocate will get back to you as soon as possible.
Are you in immediate danger?
Call  911 or UCO Police (405) 974-2345
Can I just do a walk-in?
Walk ins are welcomed if the advocate is available. Hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. If there is no one in the office and you need help or just need someone to talk to, please go to the UCO Center for Counseling and Well Being Room #402. We are here to support and advocate for you.
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