Testing Services - a Division of Student Affairs at the University of Central Oklahoma

Departmental Exams

Students are permitted to take departmental-approved exams in courses that are offered on campus. Tests are equivalent to a comprehensive final examination, and may include a combination of the following tests: objective, essay, and/or performance.

Departmental exams normally test the course content of the UCO class. The content comes from adopted texts and references used in similar courses taught at the college level. In all cases, students are advised to consult with an Enrollment advisor, and complete an application which is approved by the appropriate Department Chairperson. The exam must be taken within thirty (30) days after obtaining the chairperson's signature. Click here to see a list of Departmental Exams.

Departmental exams are administered at the Testing Center by appointment. The fee to take a Departmental Exam is $35 per credit hour. Click here to Register Online.

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