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SAIS Marketing Services

SAIS develops strategic marketing plans and tools in order to streamline our efforts in media design, reduce costs, and maximize the efficiency of time utilization of all parties involved in the design/marketing process. Our process is 3D: Define, Design, and Distribute. For more information on our our marketing efforts, please view the list of marketing services and process descriptions below. 

Current Marketing Services

  • Strategic Marketing Plan Development
  • Social Media Marketing Plan Development

Future Marketing Services

  • Web Analytics
  • Mobile Promotion
  • Search Engine Optimized Web Copy

Benefits of a Marketing Plan

  • Reduces time costs
  • Clarifies the message: Keeps marketing efforts aligned with university, divisional, and departmental goals, missions, and objectives
  • Increases effective use of budget by ensuring the use of lowest cost/highest quality resources
  • Provides a roadmap and gets everyone only the same page
  • Helps maintain line of sight with the big picture, focuses all efforts
  • Decreases stress and unnecessary expenditures generated by last ditch marketing efforts which may fail to target your specific audiences
  • Provides direction, enabling synergy amongst marketing campaigns
  • Creates standardization of marketing of procedures for increased efficiency
  • Creates clear plan of action with clear channels of communication
  • Maximizes reach for marketing message
  • Generates information (feedback) and resources which will streamline future marketing efforts
  • Generates reusable templates for faster design

Deliverables from Strategic Marketing Plan Development

  • Purpose of marketing efforts
  • Timeline for design of marketing materials and implementation
  • Assigned roles and responsibilities
  • Budget for marketing campaign
  • Measurements for Return on Investment (ROI) of marketing strategy (feedback loop).

Time Required for Marketing Planning Meeting

Developing the marketing strategy for your event generally takes 1-2 hours, contingent upon whether this is the first time you have developed a strategy for your project. Future marketing strategy meetings could take as little as 15 minutes.

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