UCO Student Affairs Information Services

Student Affairs Information Services

Student Affairs Information Services supports and promotes the mission, goals, and objectives of the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Central Oklahoma. This is accomplished through innovative use of information technology, marketing, media design, and strategic planning. Through effective communication and university wide collaborative efforts, Student Affairs Information Services strives to: 

  • share information on the latest trends and best marketing practices
  • employ marketing strategies that align Student Affairs offices and departments with the university's brand
  • measure the return on investment of marketing efforts
  • maximize the effective reach of interactive and social media
  • build brand loyalty by enhancing audience experiences

If you have any questions which are unanswered by this site, please contact us at ext 3657 or ucosats (at) gmail.com.

If you have an information technology concern, which is not primarily related to Student Affairs, please visit UCO Information Technology at http://technology.uco.edu/