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Outreach Education Programs

The Center for Counseling & Well-Being (CCWB) provides outreach education programs to enrich students’ academic experiences and provide them with education that is meant to help them develop skills and knowledge that will aid them in achieving a healthy life style through college.

Currently, the CCWB team will conduct presentations in areas that demand expertise to certain college health topics. The following presentations will be provided by professional staff:

  • Bystander intervention (sexual assault prevention)
  • Anger Management
  • Substance use/abuse education
  • Trauma
  • Total Wellness
  • National College Health Assessment Data
  • Suicidality (QPR)
  • Mental Health First Aid

Please contact Brittney Criswell, Manager of Health Promotion, directly if you wish to schedule one of these presentations for your class at 974-2320 or

UCO student Peer Health Leaders can be available to provide outreach presentations over frequently requested topics such as stress management, test taking strategies, personality assessments, etc. If you choose to request an outreach program through the Outreach Request Form, the presentation will be provided by a student Peer Health Leader and not professional staff.

A 2 week advance notice is required for booking presentations. Our staff will not be able to honor every request, due to other job responsibilities, but will make every effort to honor as many as possible.

Due to the high volume of presentation requests we receive, we will only be able to provide one presentation per instructor per class each semester. If the instructor has several sections of the same class, the presentations will be assigned to different staff members and student leaders according to their availability.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Brittney Criswell at or 974-2320.


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