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Program Descriptions

Introduction to the Student Counseling Center

This is a 10-15 minute presentation that introduces the Student Counseling Center to students. It includes location of the SCC, hours of operation, and how to access services.

How to Succeed Using Your Personality Style (True Colors)

True Colors is a personality assessment tool which helps students understand their personality style and how to effectively relate to others, whether it is in the classroom, with family and friends, or in the workplace as an employee or supervisor.

Stress Management

This is an experiential presentation teaching several different ways to reduce stress. Techniques to reduce the physical, emotional, and cognitive signs of stress include yoga, deep breathing, guided imagery, journaling, and music therapy.

Guide to Effective and Efficient Studying

This is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation designed to help students study in a more planful, intentional way. Students are encouraged to make study sessions more dynamic and to enhance memory by incorporating auditory, visual, and kinesthetic versions of their study materials.

Guide to Efficient Studying and Effective Test Taking

This is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that incorporates some of the main points of the "Effective and Efficient Studying" presentation with sound advice for test taking. Students are encouraged to prepare for tests and to use problem solving skills to succeed in the testing situation. Multiple choice, true/false, & essay tests are covered.

Time Management for College Students

This is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation designed to help college students find ways to make sound, intentional decisions about how their time is spent. Students will be guided in exercises to help them understand how they use their time and to find ways to fit their priorities to their use of time.

What Every College Student Should Know about Eating Disorders

This is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation designed to break through myths and teach the facts about eating disorders. Students are informed of consequences of eating disorders, focusing on dangers to the victim's health. Powerful photographs and artwork created by individuals struggling with eating disorders make this a dynamic presentation.



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