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Program Descriptions

The following presentations will be provided by UCO student Peer Health Leaders. The presentations will average between 20-30 minutes in length. The instructor will need to be present during the class—please do not plan to be absent during the requested presentation.

Introduction to the Center for Counseling & Well-Being

This is a 10-15 minute presentation that introduces the Center for Counseling & Well-Being to students. It includes location of the CCWB, hours of operation and how to access services.

How to Succeed Using Your Personality Style (True Colors)

True Colors is a personality assessment tool which helps students understand their personality style and how to effectively relate to others, whether it is in the classroom, with family and friends, or in the workplace as an employee or supervisor.

Stress Management

This is an experiential presentation teaching several different ways to reduce stress. Techniques to reduce the physical, emotional, and cognitive signs of stress include yoga, deep breathing, guided imagery, journaling, and music therapy.

Time Management for College Students

This is a presentation designed to help students find ways to make sound, intentional decisions about how their time is spent, particularly in regards to academic success. The session will cover ways to help students succeed in areas such as efficient studying and test taking through utilizing proper time management strategies.  

Healthy Relationships

This is a presentation designed to aid students in understanding the dynamics of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Students will learn about campus and community resources that can help them achieve healthy relationships with others.  

Eating Well in College

This is a presentation designed to present the benefits of sound nutrition while in college. Students will learn the components of a balanced diet, how to utilize the My Plate system, and ways to incorporate eating well with a busy schedule.

Total Wellness

This is a presentation designed to expose students to the different dimensions of wellness. Students will learn the importance of each area of wellness as well as practical ways to achieve a holistic balance of health.


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