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Transfer Credits

Transfer credit is generally only considered from international tertiary or post-secondary institutions that are recognized by the ministry of education, or a similar accrediting body, in your home country.  Transfer Credit may reduce the number of courses or subjects and the amount of time required to study at UCO.

In order for us to begin your transfer credit evaluation, please follow these steps as below:

Step 1 - Admission to University of Central Oklahoma

Accurate information about the number of credits accepted from your previous school attended or (how long it would take you to graduate from UCO) will not be available until you have applied and have been accepted to the University of Central Oklahoma.   Don'twait. APPLY NOW!

Step 2 - Begin the Transfer Credit Process

Because of the differences between the educational system in your home country and the American system, we would like to request for you to provide a syllabus or course description in English for each course/subject you previously studied at your previous college or university. The syllabus or course description should include as much detailed information as possible about the book(s), topic(s), grading system for each subject, as well as the amount of time you spent in the classroom and/or laboratories. If you want an example of a syllabus, please download as below. 

Sample Syllabus PDF ButtonSample Syllabus Word Button

If you learned that your current or previous university has a cooperative or transfer arrangement with UCO, there is a possibility that some of these courses have already been articulated. Please understand that UCO do not post all the Transfer Equivalency information for all the colleges or universities in the Online Transfer guide. As such, please check with International Services to verify the information.


To view the Online Transfer Guide, please click  Online Transfer Guide Button

Step 3 - Sending the Syllabus/Course Description

Once you have compiled the syllabus or course description, you may send them to the International Services office by email, fax or mail. If you plan to email them, please ensure that it is prepared in either JPEG, PDF or Microsoft Word format.  

Step 4 - Credit Transfer Evaluation and Review

Once the International Services Office has received your syllabus or course description, we will review the recognition/accreditation of your university before forwarding to the UCO Articulation Office.  The Articulation Office reviews transcript before sending each syllabus or course description to the relevant department chairpersons for the evaluation and final decision on the courses you have taken. The duration of this process may vary but the average length of time is between four to eight weeks. There are many cases where the department chairperson would like to conduct an interview with you to determine the transferability of the courses if your course descriptions are unclear. Please check with your International Admissions Advisor for status.

Step 5 - Transfer Credit Calculation and Decision

Once your syllabus or course description evaluation is complete, the UCO Articulation Office will then update the records prior to your undergraduate academic advisor determining the number of courses required for you to graduate from UCO with a  Bachelor's Degree inthe major you had chosen.  A suggested study plan and major course sheet will then be sent to you by email.

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